Kimberlin Dey Haus German shepherds 

West German Show Lines 

I am an Occupational Therapist specialized in Orthopedics with a background in psychology. It is a healing/teaching profession which goes hand in hand with my life long passion for animals. Animals have been a significant part of my life as along as I can remember. My father was an avid hunter who brought home a myriad of baby animals to my sister and me ranging from squirrels. Opossums, raccoons, ducks, skunks, turtles and of course, puppies. Hence, began our circus of training as remedial as it may have been. Being the only two children in the family, our pets were our brothers and sisters…an important part of our family and has continued to be to this date. A pet in our home is akin to a person winning the lottery.

German Shepherds have always been an absolute fascination of mine. After my first German Shepherd, It easily became my Favorite Dog of all times. German Shepherds are amazing.. their intelligence, their versatility, family protection and Loyalty. German Shepherds are Police Dogs, Family Protection, Herding Dogs, Agility Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs, IPO Sports Dogs, Airport Dogs, Medicinal Sniffing, Drug Dogs, Tracking Dogs and most important of all, Companion Dogs. No matter what their job is. German Shepherds are the Epitomy of Man’s Best Friend. (pictured with, VA Hexe vom Kimberlin-Dey Haus my best friend and my breeding, at my daughters Wedding Reception )

Through out my lifetime, I have been afforded the opportunity of travelling all over the world, But GERMANY has always been my favorite European Country …Home of The West German Showline Shepherd. I travel to Germany for the BZSZ International German Shepherd Show, German Shepherd Training, and to look at German Shepherd Adults and German Shepherd puppies, for German Shepherd Breeding and for German Shepherd IPO title events.